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Even if everybody says that “The Wolf of the Wall Street” is Maestro`s best picture so far, reminding masterpieces such as “Taxi Driver”, “Good fellas” and “Casino”, Scorsese reigned another territory which he never invaded before, naming the Black Farce – To the extent which is far beyond his solo “King of Comedy”.

In Scorsese`s universe DiCaprio is no De Niro , nor Wolf`s Jordan Belfort is  King of Comdy`s Rupert Pupkin. Belfort is no schmuck who wants to be a king for a night. He is as Pupkin wished a Knight for a lifetime. A King of an era.

His transition from a shy newcomer who blushes to McConaughey `s crazy  Money Chant to a  mogul who became a nightmare for every Wall St broker in Terence Winter`s script is much more subtle than Pupkin`s desperate fantasies to became a big shot in  Zimmerman`s words.

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