Forbidden Love – On “Carol”

How can i put it? Okey, here it goes;

To be a Women`s Filmmaker is the most sublime fame every director can wish for.It is hard enough you can only name a few auteurs from the history of cinema to emblem it; Ozu, Fassbinder, Sirk and the contemporary Arnaud Desplechin to name a few. But Todd Haynes took all the great features of this masters and pulled them together to portray women in a new high, to own this fame.

He now reigns the genre of melodrama. From “Far From Heaven” to “Mildred Pierce” to “Carol” he has shown the classic mastery of this often scrutinized genre. His routes might even go back to before 50s, to 30s and 40s; to Von Sternberg and his “Blonde Venus”, King Vidor and his “Stella Dallas”, to Micheal Kurtiz and his “Mildred Pierce”, to Irving Rapper and his “Now, Voyager”, to Yonggang Wu and his “Goddess”, and maybe even to “Nora” in Ibsen`s “Dollhouse”.

How he can manage to do that in 2015 I don`t know, But I do know that Carol now stands beyond the cliches such as Tear-jerker/Lesbian Melodrama. It is an ode to love. A love as such every man can also desperately demand from another person in the fairy tales, A love for Love. A Love per se. Am i getting too emotional or turning to a cry-baby? I don`t know. But I do know that when Rooney Mara`s smiles at the final scene beyond that table, it was me who would have wanted to jump into the screen and say yes. What a Movie!

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