Fists in the Air

Ravishingly stylish, breathtakingly brutal, and unmistakeably psychotic, the Fists in the Pocket is a definition for art per se. Standing on the convergence of “French New Wave” and “Italian Noe-Realism”, Marco Bellocchio`s debut feature is still after 50 years a revolution  from the inside for art house cinema. Something which is rare to find and equally rare to be ignored.

Portrayed by magnificent ensemble of actors, with extraordinary Lou Castel on the lead, the movie tells a radical story of a declined bourgeois family, and their dysfunctional siblings. Where the angst of their flamboyant boy turns into madness, stroked by  panic attacks, and drives him into cold murder of his mother and younger brother. In which his sister came by as an silent accomplice and secret lover, and his older brother as autocratically  impotent and crippled. The critical drama of society vibrantly turns into a black comedy and ruthlessly scrutinize every aspects of its social class, from the boy putting his legs on the coffin in mothers funeral, to using Hobbs` leviathan as pickup line.


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