There was a Biscuit! – On Kiarostami`s “Like Someone in Love”

There was a Biscuit!* – On Kiarostami`s Swan Song “Like Someone in Love”

Wow! i was caught off-guarded from the heart-breaking opening of the film to the hasty ending. The film has a little less of what everybody remembers from Kiarostami, at least from the one that everybody knows, but it definitley brings back the good memories of once a storyteller from “Report” (a.k.a. Gozaresh). The very same one that inspired Farhadi`s body of work as such. It tells a narrow story masterfully with some little details yet to be revealed along the way in a method that you certainly would not accept it from any other director as their master work, but here you take it for granted.

*The Title is the infamous paraphrase from Kiarostami`s letter to Ahmadinjead in his frist round of election in 2005

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