Ride the Whirlwind – on “The Nice Guys” by Shane Black

Hilariously Funny, Exquisitely Crafted, Satirically Clever, & Amazingly entertaining – those are the kind of words just spill out – unintentionally – when you can`t hide your joy and affection, despite your pretentious snobbish guard, for such a lively piece of cinema. You might want to resist describing it while you can, even you might take stock in choosing them, but eventually you will come to your senses and reason how anybody can mock the hell out of a critically acclaimed, prestigious movie like L.A.Confidential and you laugh your guts out instead of punching him in the face. Oh, wait! it` because you might have left your Brass knuckles on the TV set when you were leaving home.

Oddly enough, you might not believe anybody can   transcend Cohen Brothers universe and humiliate late Woody Allen in story and character portrayals as such that you even forget that somehow there were an origin. You can go further and not believe, despite Tarantino & Breaking bad fandom of Blaxploitation and B-movies, you are gonna start worshiping the Crowe/Gosling due aganist Bessinger/Dacosta in the best roller coaster ride of the 70s nostalgia in the past few years of cinema; The cold coffee who slips on the floor and disarms the lady? the killer bees of the Brazil?

P.S. Can you believe it was Russell Crowe? Just remember the last punch line:Hallelujah!

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