Too Loud a Solitude – On “Right Now, Wrong Then” by Hong Sang-soo

This is a mastery in Long Takes, Right Now, Wrong Then is far from usual pretentious attempts to shove the aesthetics of cinema into peoples mind. You`ll be surprised how much a same incident got carried away just by changing angels and pauses and silences – Let alone how conquering the heroine `s heart (a small town painter played by unbelievable Min-hee Kim The Handmaiden).

The very idea you perceive immediately is something like the rebellion speech of director ( the brilliant Jae-yeong Jong) at the end of his movie screening:

“A lot of sounds are running through my head, and if i utter those sounds they become words, But at the end of the day words will remain just words. The films, myself, your experiences, your lives… All of these things have nothing to do with words! Power of words? What a Joke! Why do people keep searching for those words as if they were something special… for me there is no such thing as important words. On the contrary. They are just a hindrance!”

This is the key answer to how you need to understand this masterpiece and or as film implies to understand “The Definition of Film”. Also it suggests a key to the answer of an old question; “What is Film?”

This is film according to Hong Sang-soo!

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