Cellular Material – On “London Road” by Rufus Norris

In a year everybody is dazed and crazy for the grandeur and inventiveness of La La Land, it is hard to point your fingers to something else to describe the new definition of movie musical. But at the end of London Road your keen eye for the go-betweens of Opera, Film, and Stage Musical would be stoned. Truth to be told, I have never encountered with something more subtle, brilliant. It is exquisitely outperforming to the extent that gives this genre a whole new richness, profundity and meaning.

In a cine-opera by magical numbers such as “It Could Be Him,” “Cellular Material,” and a documentary in the style of verbatim reportage, by adding a chameleon like Olivia Coleman (and of course Tom Hardy) and picking up a serial killer story as subject matter, the new-coming director Rufus Norris is artistically claiming his reign. A realm once ruled by auteurs like Clio Barnard in The Arbor or Andrea Arnold in Fish Tank : The New British Cinema!

P.S. that The Musical Is Back!

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