Neighboring Sounds – On “Aquarius” by Kleber Mendonça Filho

It is amazing how a filmmaker like Kleber Mendonça Filho achieve such a huge aesthetic endeavors after his second Film. Aquarius is one of the rallying points for today`s embattled left, but eventually everybody will be aware of the film’s timeliness – This doesn’t`t feel right, This too shall  pass!

We can argue that Clara’s fight, and the artistic vision that supports it, has a conservative dimension. Clara represents values that look, in the current climate, decidedly old-fashioned. Envisioned by glamorous – Sonia Braga – Clara is a warrior for aesthetic distinction, for critical thought, for sexual and creative liberty — for things that cannot be bought, sold or indexed (maybe, inspired and inherited by her aunt, passed to her niece`s girlfriend).

One thing is for sure, she is not someone you want to go up against in a fight. she is the cinematic portrayal Dilma.

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