White Christmas – On “Certain Women” by Kelly Reichardt

A female feminist auteur at the conjunction of Eric Rohmer literal cinema an Western, Kelly Reichardt adds some signature eurasian silence to solve her puzzle of avoidances while envying the questions. she does that with a surprising subtlety in her style that you can get tempted here and there to revise the whole idea of minimalism; The triptych stories are not not woven, not leading you to believe they will have a “get-together” at the end, they are just there swaying one another with the minimum overlap possible, laying side by side without any sense of confusion.

Laura Dern is used greatly as a fatigueous lawyer and Michelle Williams is brilliant in here smoking breaks, Kristen stewart proves her other-wordliness skills of acting in less shots you can even imagine and Lily Gladstone is a ray of hope for next generation of stars. This is a christmas wish wrapped in a movie by Santa called Certain Women.

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