Philosophy the day after tomorrow – On “Things To Come” by Mia Hansen-Løve

Things to Come is not the best marriage i`ve seen between film and philosophy but one of the most entertaing ones. It`s obvious that to go through this kind of marriage is hard and truthfully speaking, it is as difficult as a writing a philosophical book on the subject uncanny of “The Ordinary”; A book  Mia Hansen-Løve tried her best compose. She dwells on a philosopher`s way of dealing with the ordinary. Her constant battle between the acknowledgment of the bygone past; her defeated revolts, her doomed love, her unpopular books, and avoidance of the future; the radical society changes, the terror of failure, the things to come.

In my account, she has simplified through her battle of keeping up the balance between her being in personal and public spheres. Ironically enough she is supposed to teach philosophy – a radical way of thinking – in a university – where it wasn`t originally invented to be present – and publish it in ways compatible to life, today`s life. It remains undecided, through Ms Hansen-Løve`s clever script, whether she is trying to doubt it as a way of life or just ignoring the pandora box?

I rather believe that the director knew about the notorious ambigiuties of the subject she undertaken and tried to avoid the abyss of answering these high-concept questions. After all the her protagonist, played skillfully by Isabelle Huppert, seems to conservative, or rather sterile, to answer them. This is the movie that is premising with the ashes of a fire which has been extenguished, brilliantly concluding with the long tracking zoom out of her life. One of the most original endings of the cinema today.

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