Raise the Red Lantern – On “Kaili Blues” by Gan Bi

It seems that the newcomer Gan Bi is ambitious enough in his debut picture to show how much he owes to Tarkovsky, Weerasethakul, Kiarostami and of course Van Sant , and equally possessed by his “a-cinematic” passions that he become neglectful of the narrow storyline. I don`t think i am to only one who believes many of the twists and characters in the drama are artistically unjustified and theatrically pretentious.That mesmerizing 41 minute long-shot (excluding the nasty camera re-caliberations in the way) and those intentional playfulness in blurring the line of reality and dream is a true grand gesture – let alone they come from a twenty something director .

Either call Kaili Blues  an snobbish eye-candy, or praise it as an brilliant homage, this movie is worth watching and we will hear from its director a lot.

P.S. Personally i rather worship Black Coal, Thin Ice as a flagship for the new Chinese art-house cinema rather to fall for Gan Bi`s somehow juvenile tricks.

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