Paris belongs to us – On “Divines” by Houda Benyamina

Hideously alive, fittingly brave, and socially apt; Those are just few immediate expressions among a long list of reactions you could utter for Houda Benyamina`s debut picture Divines; A soromance/coming-of-age/banlieue flick that robs your heart easily with its sensational heroines and its hybrid style of using cellphones and movie cameras.

In a housing estate on the outskirts of Paris, ironically called Roma, Dounia a teenager (played by live-wire Oulaya Amamra) who is hungry for her share of power and success becomes a runner for a drug dealer. When she meets a male dancer Djigui (mesmerizing Kevin Mischel) a window of opportunity offers a different kind of life. The life she thinks she can portrays all by herself.

Déborah Lukumuena as Dounia`s buddy Maimouna is divine and the whole ensemble playing as fit as a fiddle for Amamra`s solo appearance`s. What a jouissance!

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