Corporatism, Commodifying the minorities, and infantile disorder of Left-Wing Communism: Why Obama`s Democracy flopped, or Why “Moonlight” is a hack?

I am not happy with this movie, because i am not happy with where it leads us:

– A dear friend just recently said that “the globalised commodification of our mass entertainment, indeed our culture itself, finds ready-made villains in today’s fantasy, sci-fi and comic-book-inspired film franchises that block-book multiplex screens and drive mid-budget, adult-themed projects onto the small screen or into near-extinction.” That is so true, but let`s take a look at what movies done with these “mid-budget, adult-themed projects” to stop that. They did the same commodification, except with the issues and minorities: Race Issues, LGBT issues, Women Issues, Climate change and etc. They are all commodified in this globalization as the juicy ready-mades of the mass entertainment. They have become as the new forms of corporatism.

Well, you might say i am so pessimist, but Has hashtags like #OscarSoWhite or #BlackLivesMatter succeeded in their cause? Has Chi-raq reduced the crime rate in Chicago, or Moonlight changed the bigotry in Miami? The answer is No. Of course, they have posed the long forbidden questions which is very brave but they were rejected to give an answer or even be heard.

The Obama Era has just ended, and I think as much as i worshipped his ideas and acts, We are now left with a huge backlash, say, Democracy as a another commodified liberal value is left with a huge backlash. Fortunately his era and the cinema of his era shed a light on many things, and unfortunately it costs loosing a lustre. Maybe we just never assumed that we have to bring as many deplorable as we could on board. True, we have normalized many of those intriguing issues, and diversified as much as we could to end this unfair intolerances and monopolies, but it results in a huge misguided angry crowd behind.

I believe i am very pessimistic about all this, But what i myself could have wished for is that a movie like LaLaLand were praised and screened at least two years ago. Such liberal answer or forms of answering which could reach majority of audiences (even those bigots and deplorable ones) from the warm heart of the cinema as simple and fast as possible had to be brought up sooner. It is not fair for the it to be our last option, and definitely not fair to the original musicals (even to those corporate studios) to go back to this so late.
– I am sorry to confess that Moonlight appears to me as commodifying the “race+ gender” issue with a corporate appeal, rather than fighting for these causes in a long haul. Or, you can say i am just sad realizing that we lost a war, to win a battle.

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