Work is Freedom – On “À Nous la Liberté” by Rene Clair

The most amazing french musical i`ve ever seen, and one of the most brilliant sources of inspiration for the all masters, composed by the Grand Maestro René Clair. À Nous la Liberté is warm and immortal with some of the most enchanting musical numbers of the history of cinema (including the title song).
Raymond Cordy and Henri Marchand are dashingly heart-wrenching. They portray the dehumanized society of the post first world war with brutally laughable and the anarchistic wit, which added by Clair`s satiric and ingenious experiment in creating rhythm through the machinery, workers and surrounding to lyricize . No wonder Chaplin` Modern Times was inspired from this movie… It was just not his fault, that comes with what they call the charm of a masterpiece.

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