Berlinale 2017

1.Golden Exits  (2017‧  Drama film‧  1h 34m)

Here are some immediate sketches:
– It was my first encounter with Alex Ross Perry movies, and I am appreciating Berlinale for it. But first i want to get it straight out of my system, that experience didn’t go well because of the wrong aspect ratio for projecting the film; A problem that turned out to be nobody`s fault except us the viewers!
– Alas , I heard Golden Exits is one of the most undermined movies of this festival. From what i saw, It has a great NewYork edge and that talk of the town vibe of ordinariness. It gets intimate from time to time, but fails to live up its premise along the way. Emily Browning as a doll, innocent looking outsider, and her presence among these odd couples with their relationships and midlife crisis, has delightfully reminded me of Teorema, displacing that Milanese setting to NewYork and changing the type of bourgeois family.
– Aesthetically speaking i wasn’t really comfortable with the mise-en-scene of Mr Perry most of the time, specially when Nick(Ad-Rock) and Naomi (Browning) where in that stuffy archive room; That sort of framing didn’t convey any sense of sexual tension to me. Again i have to confess he is more clever when he directs the couples in his master shots.

P.S. Just add Mary-Louise ParkerChloë SevignyLily RabeAnaleigh Tipton to those above names and imagine what an ensemble the movie has.

2. City of the Sun (2017. Documentary. 1h 44min)


what an mazing mixture of decay and Opera! great experience in documentary making and brilliant tour de force.

3. Logan (2017. Action, Drama, Sci-Fi .2h 21min)

The most rational wolverine and the most cinematic one… Hugh Jackman is such a guy in person

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