I Am With The Force & The Force Is With Me – On “Rogue One” by Gareth Edwards


I am with the force and force is with me! The latest installment has much greater things to enjoy; a new android called K-2SO, some volatile diverse heroes and heroines, Amazingly crafted battleships and fight scenes, and a very reasonable back story. It is not as breath-taking as The Force Awakens, but it seriously has some forces with it.
Felicity Jones is not as hot as Rey or Princess Leia, but the dynamic works very well with Diego Luna and Riz Ahmed. Forest Whitaker and Mads Mikkelsen are great and the two Asian protectors of Jedi Legacy are right out of Wuxia movies. Such a nice collaboration and such a Joy. May the force be with you.

P.S. Find the nearest IMAX, don`t compromise your cinematic experience on anything else with the Rogue One.

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