The Golden Duet: On Astaire-Rogers

  • Here are some of the sketches about the 10 movies the undisputed king and queen of Hollywood Musicals worked together. An ode to the golden duets of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers…

    • Swing Time

      Swing Time


      Oh, is there anything more tenderly than Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance? They are the emblem of magic in cinema, swaying around the stage and stunning the viewers. I want to seize the opportunity to quote one of my all-time favorite critics here:
      “Godard told us in the 1960s that “the cinema is truth 24 times a second, and every cut is a lie.” Astaire arrived at the same conclusion 35 years earlier. He believed every dance number should be filmed, as nearly as possible, in one unbroken take, always showing the full figures of the dancers from head to toes.”

    • Flying Down to Rio

      Flying Down to Rio


      I was going to get fascinated by first Astaire-Rogers due, but fell in love with Dolores del Rio….

    • The Gay Divorcee

      The Gay Divorcee


      How is it possible to be so breathtakingly good and brilliant in what you do?! That is when you are genius.

    • Roberta



      Adding Irene Dunne to that golden couple was the smartest move any director did in their 10 films together. Can anybody seen anything more beautiful than “I’ll be Hard to Handle ” or “I Won’t Dance”?

    • Shall We Dance

      Shall We Dance


      Another jewel from the undisputed King and Queen of Hollywood Musicals…

    • Top Hat

      Top Hat


      It is my first Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, and my first encounter with the visual embodiment of “Chick to Chick”. I loved every bit of it, especially the routine in the park (“Isn`t it a lovely Day?”)

    • Follow the Fleet

      Follow the Fleet


      Well not as memorable as Irving Berlin`s best numbers and Golden due`s best movies, this is more of a propaganda than entertainment… Still liked it…




      Amazingly funny once Ralph Bellamy gets into the mixup, the numbers are sometimes brilliant and sometimes boring, But that long kiss… Oh, that long kiss!

    • The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle

      The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle


      The last RKO musical from the king and queen is the most disenchanting one… I don`t know if the term was coined that day but it is all chauvinism except for that kiss… that long long kiss.

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