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That`s Entertainment – On “Dunkirk” by Christopher Nolan

It is not easy to believe what happened in Dunkirk, it has a caliber that is somehow larger than life. But you can be certain of one thing, after you saw the movie “Dunkirk” on screen, whatever you saw is going to engrave in your mind as the fact, not fiction. Cinema as Suspended Disbelief is gone in the hands of Nolan. He has again shows his mastery in narrating such a magnitude of story with such subtlety and delight. You won`t really feel that you are temporally transitioning between earth and sea and sky in the way he provides the timeline. He even mastered the way to present that tragedy into, not a tear-jerker, but rather victorious humane epic. Plus, he did it all as an ultimate IMAX experience. Hands Down, Sir! Hands Down!

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