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Take the red pill – On “Legion”

It is really hard for me to say something nice about TV shows. I literally cannot bear the sight of many of them; From GOT to Walking Dead to Modern Family to Breaking Bad  they make me sick to my stomach. You might think that it is one of those snobbish reactions, but to your disappointment I have to confess that i have a thing for Musicals (the new tv musical sensation Pose is dull for me) and I do have a bigger thing for Marvel franchise, but again many of them like Inhumans are also made me sick. My premier reason, i cannot enjoy motion picture on such a small screen when i can grab them on LFP among people. But, despite my feelings i have realized that every once in a while in the TV medium something shows up that literally outperforms the Cinematic products; Nobody can persuade me that any Tarantino flick is better than Sopranos in every aspect. Legion is one of those very rare cases.

As far as i can go back in the memory lane, LEGION is the most mind-blowing, sate-of-the-art show i`ve seen  on the tv screen. Originally one of the characters of X-universe in the Marvel comics, LEGION – played masterfully by Dan Stevens  – tells the superhero origin story of the most dangerous mutant in the x-universe which has a multiple personality disorder and manipulates time and space – Expectedly enough government wants to weaponize that abilities. The series’ first season was largely set inside a mental institution called the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, where he resided with, among others, a young female mutant named Syd Barrett  (One more reason to cherish your love for the show is these references) who is the paramour, played sensationally by Rachel Keller .

Apart from the Stevens and Aubrey Plaza and the Navid Negahban (the Persian superstar who portrays a world class villain named Amahl Farouk)  What strikes me most is that subtle aesthetics used by creators in visualizing its mind-blowing atmosphere with some intertwined, cross-genre approach in storytelling. It is something so rare that you might not even find it in the Film itself. I am not going to spoil anything here, but i can give you one thing  for sure to elaborate it; If you have love and cherish for the immortal art of the 70s and got bored of the various cartoonish bio-pics about the redemptive powers of those movements, you are here not to just watch a marvel show, or some nostalgic replica, you are tuning your eyes and ears to an unseen, unheard  70s psychedelic acid rock album, discovered and released in 2018. As if that mutant manipulated your time and space for real.

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